What is 50%DANGEROUS?

50%DANGEROUS is a American based fashion brand that creates one of a kind fashion ensembles for musicians and celebrities. The designers, Matt & Vedetta, find inspiration for their designs through Japanese street fashion and pop culture. 50%DANGEROUS puts on yearly fashion show events around the country to display their latest fashion creations, most recent collaborative works, and to connect with fans. The fashion show events bring together musical performances, along with celebrity guest models to create an engaging and unique experience the audience will never forget.


Inspired by Japanese Fashion?

Before 50%DANGEROUS was around, Vedetta & Matt had been involved in a number of Fashion Shows with Japanese designers such as h.NAOTO, SIXH, Mika Takeuchi, Putumayo, Galaxxxy Rocks, and others! That inspiration translated into an interest to pursue fashion as a career. Over the years, while developing their own style, they drew inspiration from the very sources that set them on their path to begin with.

What are collaborations?

One of our primary focuses is when we work with other entertainers. They can be musicians, actors,  and performers (of various types).  We love to work alongside them to help create a look that is uniquely their own. We work with people from all over the world, anywhere from Atlanta , Los Angeles, or Tokyo Japan and in between. Ultimately it is our goal to bring together a look that is representative of themselves, as well as us.

What events do you book for?

So we are lucky to be booked quite frequently to bring our fashion show around the country. In regards to the kind of events we will do, that is fairly open! We are always interested in talking to productions looking to add value. We often do fandom conventions ranging from anime conventions, to fashion conventions and have a great time. If you are interested in having us, feel free to inquire about booking 50%DANGEROUS and we can discuss further what we can do, what you would like, and what we may need to accomplish it.

How do you get models for Fashion Shows?

Depending on the situation it can be a few different ways. In the case of an anime convention for example, we love to reach out to the community and see who is interested in taking a leap into a runway show! We love to be a part of the community, and to work with others. Conversely, if it is a type of fashion week event it can often be the case that agencies attached to said event supply models and are actively working to get them into shows. In these cases  we are happy to receive casting submissions and make decisions accordingly.

Do you do any work for creative literature?

Ah! This question is usually posed by creatives who are working on manga, comic books, graphic novels or video games looking to have concept fashion created for their settings. The answer is yes, we have assisted in that kind of work (NDA) and are happy to do so on a contract basis. If this is an interest of yours we would love to talk.

What is your cancellation policy?

Any cancellation request for an ordered item needs to be submitted before 5:00pm Eastern Time of the following day. If expedited shipping is the chosen method for your order, we need to know as soon as possible as fulfillment and shipping will happen quickly. In cases of expedited shipping, cancellation before 5:00PM Eastern Time of the next day is not a guarantee.

I have a question about my order, where can I ask?

You can email us your questions and we are happy to assist you! You can email:

Matt@50dangerous.com or Vedetta@50dangerous.com