50%DANGEROUS X Peachy Parade

2016 was that start of a lot of fun new adventures here at 50%DANGEROUS! One of the exciting adventures was teaming up with idol group “Peachy Parade”! That year we all joined forces to collaborate in 3 fashion shows! While the 50%DANGEROUS fashion shows took place, a music and dance interlude would erupt from the middle of the show and Peachy Parade performed their latest song and dance, wowing the crowd and wearing cute looks from the “Gravity” Season 1 collection!

You learn a lot about people when touring around convention to convention together and these girls are a so much fun! When all together, animes become reality. Everyone has their own nerdy quirks from super “Yo-Kai Watch” fans to being the queen of the bunnies, and having super passions for stylish Japanese fashions! While working together a friendship has formed just like in the animes! We look forward to working alongside them in the coming year, creating bigger collaborative events and making sweet fashions for their performances!

The girls of Peachy Parade work extremely hard to provide quality content to their fans and you really see them growing with each new performance. Their hard work inspires us all the time to keep doing our best! They are great inspirations and if you haven’t checked them out already, go look them up right meow!!

Peachy Parade is a southeast USA located idol performance trio who perform Japanese song and dance covers on Youtube and for events! Find more information on Peachy Parade in our links below!

In September 2016, 50%DANGEROUS teamed up with musician Shola Aurora to create a collaborative fashion ensemble for Shola’s upcoming December musical tour in Japan.

Shola Aurora is the former singer of New York City-based visual rock band Sol Ardour, which is currently on hiatus. As a songwriter and producer, Shola pursues his first venture as a solo artist creating sounds influenced by the musical genres of visual kei , goth, metal, glam, rock, and experimental music while living in NYC.
The theme of the look came from the new look and sound of Shola’s latest work. Splashes of amethyst decorate the bold black design and brought a punk rock flair with netting and pleather restricting the color palate.

Broken into three pieces, the look features an overcoat, sleeveless asymmetrical shirt, and custom-tailored pants.
The overcoat is made of jet black minimal stretch denim, layered with countless strips of entangled pleather. Deep purple pleather embellishes the top of the coat, while muted with netting overlay. The shirt is created out of a breathable purple polyester with hand-painted artwork featured on the front.

The shirt is sleeveless to help fight against the heat of stage lights and has a dramatic asymmetrical bottom cut design. The pants are like-minded to the jacket with jet black denim featured alongside the dark purple pleather and netting. Hand-painted artwork is also featured across the legs of the pants with the design of a dragon portrayed in Shola Aurora’s recent logo.

-You can find more information on Shola Aurora at: fb.com/SholaAuroraMusic
-See him in Japan 2016 at: SUN 12/4: Toppers Bar, MON 12/5: Heaven’s Door Sangenjaya, THU 12/8: SHUFFLE, MON 12/12: Live Freak, TUE 12/13: 7th Avenue, and more…I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.