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Greenville Fashion Week

2018 is the year of new endeavors for both ourselves, here at 50%DANGEROUS, and Greenville, South Carolina. This year marked the first annual Greenville Fashion Week held in downtown Greenville at the Courtyard Marriott, and 50%DANGEROUS’s first year in fashion week events. Kicking off the new year with Knoxville Fashion Week last month, we were excited and ready to hit the runway here in Greenville for our second fashion week of the spring season.
GFW Models
GFW started out with a massive group meet-up of models, staff, and designers a month before the event. Multiple competitions were underway, including a “Top Model” competition and “Emerging Designers.” Sketches were displayed, walks practice, headshots taken, and intro videos of contestants filmed. Lead designer of 50%DANGEROUS, Vedetta, took the day to meet our new models and start the first of two fittings. Our models were Hanna Hopkins, Brittanie Beattie, and Paola Valiente. All three models would be walking multiple times each night for multiple designers, including brands such as Dillard’s, Blossom, Shawn Yearick, and several others. Final fitting No. 2 would take place one week before the event at the Paul Mitchell School, where hair and makeup became finalized for the main event.
For 50%DANGEROUS, we decided to send the models out with a sharp wing and smoky eye for their makeup look. Each had a hint of red under the lower eyelid and completed with a nude lip. The inspiration for the look was for stage-ready-bold but also still a clean, wearable-off-stage style. Hair was a mix of punk, sexy, and volume. A multiple of styles were used, including beach waves, pompadours, teasing, and lots and lots of hairspray! The hair team was lead by the talented Wilson Eidson and the makeup team lead by Katie Cotton.
Model Hanna Hopkins
Model Paola Valiente
Model Brittanie Beattie
Model Brittanie Beattie

GFW kicked off on Thursday night, after the final rehearsal, at The Venue at Falls Park in downtown Greenville where mingling and a pre-show hyped the weekend ahead. High ticket prices left the event exclusive and desirable, but not crucial for a good time for the weekend ahead.

"Friday night was opening night!"

Friday night was opening night! The 50%DANGEROUS collection was scheduled to go third in the lineup for the evening. Scrambling to get everything finalized for all designers, prep began at 4 pm with the show set to begin at 7 p.m. Fashion Production Director, Elizabeth Rouprich, and ED Coordinator, Laura Pinciaro, were on point with controlling the crowded hotel full of models and designers running every which way getting ready for their set. Backstage photographer, Patrick Cox, all the while taking interesting and memorable backstage, behind-the-scenes photos of the excitement from everyone getting ready.

Photo by Patrick Cox
Photo by Patrick Cox

We started with hair and makeup. While the models had their makeup applied, steaming of the clothes commenced and last-minute checks were made to the outfits to make sure everything was in perfect condition. As each model finished, we pulled them aside and took photographs of their final looks outside the front of the hotel during sunset. As a surprise gift, each model received a 50%DANGEROUS T-shirt and a Polaroid of themselves before the event to commemorate the occasion. Designer Vedetta describes the models as being “The best we could have ever asked for! I truly believe we got very lucky. Each girl was so dedicated and hard working… they practiced to have the best walk on the runway they possibly could. Wonderful attitudes, killer walks, and such great dedication. I couldn’t have asked for a better team! Thank you, guys!!”

Photos by Clifford Pate

50%DANGEROUS hit the runway Friday night with a bang! Our new collection showed off a cohesion of green, white, and black performance-ready fashions in comfortable, breathable fabrics. From pants, to shorts, to dresses, we gave variety inspired by the stage, lights, and performers. To see more photos of the looks, check out our Instagram at instagram.com/50dangerous. The night continued with beautiful gowns by Alice Andrews Designs, Denim & Dog – a doggie runway show, and walks from all models competing in the “Top Model” competition.

"Top Model" Ava G. Grainger
"Top Model" Ava G. Grainger
Block Models
MC's Bo & Daja
MC's Bo & Daja
The final day to GFW was Saturday. Events kicked off at 11 a.m. with an adorable Mother-Daughter Brunch and a Blogger Brunch. The “Fashion Village” & “Dillard’s Style Lounge” across the road from the main venue opened up at 3 p.m., where champagne was served for ticket holders who wanted to mingle before the final show kicked off at 7 p.m. It felt like all of Greenville was ready for GFW as you walked downtown that night. Prom was in full swing, and everywhere you looked, beautiful gowns and tuxedos popped up from students taking photos downtown before heading to prom.

"All of Greenville was ready for GFW"

The final runway show started off with swimwear by Vizcaya and followed one of the few shows that included male models, “Southern Tide,” which riled up the crowd, both young and old. The “Top Model” winner was announced with no surprise. Congratulations to Ava Gracen Grainger, who will be representing GFW 2019! Her walk was bubbling over with confidence, and her winning attitude made her the most memorable candidate. The night concluded with wedding gowns, sequin rompers, and the announcement of the winner for “Emerging Designers,” Kathy Harris. Her Neoprene designs brought classic shapes and colors suitable for both young and old.

If you’re in the Greenville area in the spring of 2019, check out Greenville Fashion Week! A wonderful opportunity for designers and models to get a great experience on the runway surrounded by good company and a hard-working team of fashion lovers. Looking forward to next year. Thank you GFW for having 50%DANGEROUS in your event!


From Costumes to Fashion

When 50%DANGEROUS started getting into clothing it was initially through costume making. Because of this, it was not always required of us to create everything from scratch. Not even close. We would hot glue seams, take pre-made second-hand clothes and bring them in to fit, use paint instead of dye, and even using cardboard instead of interfacing. Anything to get out of sewing! We took this a step further and began to focus on armor heavy costumes that required less and less fabric to be seen.

“We value having started in costume making”

Costume making was a ton of fun but over time we found ourselves in situations where we were being asked by others for reassurance when they were worried if their costume was accurate enough. In the world of costume making, the harder you try the more pressure you feel to replicate your creations down to the very smallest details from its original art. While many people don’t mind, we found this to be something that hindered creativity for us. Discovering that, we become more interested in creating original designs, not having others to compare replication to, and not worrying about infringement.

When making costumes, fashion, or anything, don’t let the trolls of the internet get you down. We all have different budgets, skill levels, and ways of creating things. In the end, it’s about having fun and enjoying what you are doing. That is most important.

Through all this was a transition into clothing creation. Learning to sew, pattern making, and figuring out all the millions of buttons on a sewing machine. We value having started in costume making because it doesn’t let us ever make anything too basic. Costumes, especially in video games, break a lot of rules and it’s a big inspiration. It has taught us about adding dimension, exploring color combinations, and even understanding how certain things hold up under physical pressure or long periods of time. We wouldn’t trade it for anything!

To see a 50%DANGEROUS fashion show or to find out how to attend a class by 50%DANGEROUS, visit our Facebook for upcoming events and schedules.

50%DANGEROUS X Peachy Parade

2016 was that start of a lot of fun new adventures here at 50%DANGEROUS! One of the exciting adventures was teaming up with idol group “Peachy Parade”! That year we all joined forces to collaborate in 3 fashion shows! While the 50%DANGEROUS fashion shows took place, a music and dance interlude would erupt from the middle of the show and Peachy Parade performed their latest song and dance, wowing the crowd and wearing cute looks from the “Gravity” Season 1 collection!

You learn a lot about people when touring around convention to convention together and these girls are a so much fun! When all together, animes become reality. Everyone has their own nerdy quirks from super “Yo-Kai Watch” fans to being the queen of the bunnies, and having super passions for stylish Japanese fashions! While working together a friendship has formed just like in the animes! We look forward to working alongside them in the coming year, creating bigger collaborative events and making sweet fashions for their performances!

The girls of Peachy Parade work extremely hard to provide quality content to their fans and you really see them growing with each new performance. Their hard work inspires us all the time to keep doing our best! They are great inspirations and if you haven’t checked them out already, go look them up right meow!!

Peachy Parade is a southeast USA located idol performance trio who perform Japanese song and dance covers on Youtube and for events! Find more information on Peachy Parade in our links below!