From Costumes to Fashion

When 50%DANGEROUS started getting into clothing it was initially through costume making. Because of this, it was not always required of us to create everything from scratch. Not even close. We would hot glue seams, take pre-made second-hand clothes and bring them in to fit, use paint instead of dye, and even using cardboard instead of interfacing. Anything to get out of sewing! We took this a step further and began to focus on armor heavy costumes that required less and less fabric to be seen.

“We value having started in costume making”

Costume making was a ton of fun but over time we found ourselves in situations where we were being asked by others for reassurance when they were worried if their costume was accurate enough. In the world of costume making, the harder you try the more pressure you feel to replicate your creations down to the very smallest details from its original art. While many people don’t mind, we found this to be something that hindered creativity for us. Discovering that, we become more interested in creating original designs, not having others to compare replication to, and not worrying about infringement.

When making costumes, fashion, or anything, don’t let the trolls of the internet get you down. We all have different budgets, skill levels, and ways of creating things. In the end, it’s about having fun and enjoying what you are doing. That is most important.

Through all this was a transition into clothing creation. Learning to sew, pattern making, and figuring out all the millions of buttons on a sewing machine. We value having started in costume making because it doesn’t let us ever make anything too basic. Costumes, especially in video games, break a lot of rules and it’s a big inspiration. It has taught us about adding dimension, exploring color combinations, and even understanding how certain things hold up under physical pressure or long periods of time. We wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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One of my most favorite ways to put on a fashion show is at anime conventions. An anime convention, in short, is a Japanese pop culture convention centered around Japanese animation, games and costumes, and is a place for people who share these interests to come together and make new friends all across the globe. These events happen practically every weekend in the United States alone but are held all over the world.

At these conventions, fashion shows are held showcasing fashion brands either from Japan, brands heavily influenced by J-fashion, or are relevant to the J-fashion scene. These conventions come in all different sizes, ranging from 300+ attendees to over 50,000. Along with putting on a fashion show, designers get opportunities to hold events, have signings, and sell merchandise.

By holding a fashion show at an anime convention, be it big or small, you get wonderful opportunities that may be hard to obtain on your own

When a fashion show is being held at an anime convention, there is a common flow to an event. Anime conventions happen over a weekend’s time, with models having fittings the day before the event. Models are selected online through a “model request form,” usually held on the convention’s social media page. These models are often attendees of the convention who have a strong interest in fashion and want the opportunity to build their portfolio or just have fun.

Your most common styles of fashion to see at an anime convention fashion show are Lolita and Visual Kei. These two styles have many smaller sub-styles and offer big variety. By holding a fashion show at an anime convention, be it big or small, you get wonderful opportunities that may be hard to obtain on your own, a large gathering of people who share similar interests, a stage, lighting assistance, and a place to sell merchandise and promote your brand. If you ever have the opportunity, I strongly suggest hosting or attending an anime convention fashion show! It’s going to be so much fun!